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Tips on Hiring a DJ - Equipment

Equipment is the lifeblood of your DJ. Let’s face it, no equipment – no party.

There are certain DJs that boast experience and others that sell their “gear”. Yay, they have lights and speakers!! Sadly, so does every other DJ. If they have to sell you on the equipment they have, then in most cases, it’s because that’s all they can sell.

Here are some questions you should ask a potential DJ:

Do you have a back up?

They spent all that money to WOW you and your guests. Then, there is a technical problem. Do they have a back up? Can they get a replacement to your event?

Do you own or rent your equipment?

A popular option is renting equipment. Sure, it’s a great way for the DJ to save money, but once again, is there any backup? No DJ rental company will be open when it’s time for your event. Will it work, or did the last DJ that rented it blow the speakers, or drop the microphones? Every respectable company owns their equipment.

Is your equipment up to date?

Sound and light technology has come a long way in the last 5 years and has also greatly reduced in price. DJ’s use laptops to play music with CD’s as back up (hopefully). The speakers are lighter and much more portable. Lights have moved into LED technology. A DJ that is not even trying to “get with the times” should be a major red flag.

The best option is to find a company that will explain what they have when asked, not use it as their main selling point.

Hope that helps and look forward for more tips ☺

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